Immigration target in Quebec is set to increase in 2021

On Thursday, the Quebec government announced their target for immigrant arrivals has increased by 3,000 for the year 2021. Last year (2020), Quebec’s target was 44,500. This year their plan is for 47,000.

Due to COVID-19, Quebec will not reach their 2020 target as immigration has declined significantly.

Canada and Quebec are continuing to process immigration applications, despite the pandemic, as they look to welcome a higher volume of applicants once the pandemic ends.

The plan is to target applicants that can support the labour needs of key sectors of it’s economy.

It has been reported that the 2020 target fell short by an estimated 13,000-18,000 immigrants, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For it’s 2021 plan, Quebec will continue to target 62 percent of it’s newcomer admissions to arrive under it’s economic class programs.

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