Canada offers more permanent resident pathway options for temporary residents

More immigration pathways for temporary residents who are currently in the country is on the horizon. Immigration minister Marco Mendicino indicated that an announcement would be made by the Canadian federal government soon.

For many temporary residents including international students, temporary foreign workers and asylum seekers, this is great news.

With the limitations from the COVID-19 pandemic, these pathways for temporary residents will impact the economic woes and low immigration levels that Canada is currently facing.

Mendicino maintains that helping temporary residents become permanent residents will address Canada’s needs to respond to COVID-19. In addition, it will address Canada’s demographic challenges such as an aging population and a low birth rate.

There are many benefits that come from offering permanent residence options to Canada’s temporary residents;

  1. Our immigration levels are low due to the coronavirus pandemic, which impacts our economic growth.
  2. Labour market outcomes tend to be stronger due to the candidates prior experience in Canada as a temporary resident.
  3. Labour market integration is quicker as a result of having prior Canadian work experience, high english and french speaking ability, and are already settled.


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